Open Breeding Sheep Show

Date: Aug 24, 2017
Superintendent: George Thompson
Asst. Superintendent: Georgina Webb

Online Entry Deadline: Wednesday, August 21st
Mail-In Entry Deadline: Thursday, August 10th
Late Entries: ($5.00 per head) Thursday, August 24th by 11:00 am
Arrival & Check-In: Tues & Wed., Aug. 22 & 23– 9:00 am— 8:00 pm through Thursday, August 24th by 11:00am
Open Breeding Show: Thursday, August 24—1:00 pm
Release: Following completion of Breed, if not in championship drive

Special Rules

1. Entry Fee: $20.00 per head
2. Online entry link available on Open Breeding Sheep page via
3. Online entry deadline: August 21, 2017.
4. Mail-in Entries will be accepted through August 10th. Preferred method of entry is online.
5. Late entries will also be accepted upon arrival. Late Fee: $5.00 per head.
6. Exhibitors must be registered by 11:00 am on show day.
7. Exhibitors must check in at livestock office. Exhibitor packets are received at this time.
Passes and Parking Stickers will be enclosed in packets.
8. No outside bedding allowed. Shavings & pellets will be available for purchase on grounds.
7. Any substitutions may be made upon arrival.
8. Breeding Sheep must be registered in the recognized flock books of their respective breeds prior to Aug. 1, 2017, and bear such identification as that breed association requires.
9. Original registration certificates are required.
10. There is no limit on the number of head an exhibitor may enter.
11. Breeding Ages: For the purpose of this show, the following will apply regarding ages of breeding sheep:
A. Lambs must be carrying all milk teeth. Lambs showing either or both of their first pair of permanent incisors.
B. Sheep eligible to compete in the two-tooth breeding classes must show only the first pair of permanent incisors. Sheep which have dropped their central pair of milk teeth and show one or both teeth of the first permanent pair may show as singles only in the two tooth classes of their respective breeds.
C. Sheep showing the first two to three pairs of permanent incisors may show as singles in the four-to-six tooth class only.
D. Sheep with more than six permanent teeth may not exhibit in the show.
12. Divisions: Breeds & Show Order
1. Southdown
2. Suffolk
3. Hampshire
4. Dorset
5. Dorper
6. AOB
13. Classes:
Ram Classes:
1. Ram Lamb
2. Two-Tooth Lamb
3. Four-to-Six Tooth Lamb
Ewe Classes:
1. Ewe Lamb
2. Two-Tooth Lamb
3. Four to Six Tooth Lamb


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